How I became healthy

Here’s the story of how I finally became healthy.

I mentioned in my last post that conventional medicine and treatments weren’t working for me. I was searching all summer for other answers, and in early June my mom mentioned a workshop that she had set up for July, where a lady named Jenny Johnston was coming to lead a workshop on Quantum EFT. My mom asked if I would be interested in doing it, and I was willing to try anything that might help move the bad energy and make way for health, so I said yes.

Now before I get more detailed about this, I want to give a little refresher on what EFT is. EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and is often referred to as “tapping”. It is a tool used to release emotion, stress, and aches, pains, illnesses, hang-ups, basically anything negative in your life can be released with some time and effort using EFT. Quantum EFT is a type of EFT that is better explained by Jenny Johnston herself. Click here for the link to her description of Quantum EFT and at least skim through it. It’s very important to understand for the rest of my story to make sense. If you don’t have time to do that, here is the introductory paragraph on her webpage which explains the very basis of Quantum EFT: “Quantum EFT is a natural, flowing process from EFT into the ‘quantumness’ of time space and place. It is a very organic, spiritual and safe energetic method to explore past, present and future energetic consciousness, including those in spirit and past or ‘other’ lifetimes, that are relevant to what is required for healing,” (Jenny Johnston,

The weekend of July 16-17th Jenny led her workshop in New Hampshire. This was a pretty difficult weekend for me because I’ve always had a lot of trouble with spiritual work, and honestly a part of me was very resistant to the process of self discovery this workshop was about. I’m sure you’ve all had people say to you that the hardest things, or the ones you want to do the least are often the most important ones to do. For me, there is no truer sentiment to describe what this weekend was like for me than that. I was very resistant to it, but in the end I was so glad that I did it.

This workshop was two days long, so I’m not going to describe exactly what we did. I’ll include links to Jenny’s websites below so that anyone interested can go there to find out some more details. We did a lot of work with the aim of connecting to ourselves on a soul level and then figuring out what soul level patterns were holding us back. There was, naturally, a lot of EFT involved. The way that Quantum EFT works is that as you tap, you use particular phrases which help you release your negative patterns at a soul level. Then you use phrases that instruct your body, at a cellular level, to reconstruct your DNA to reflect the healthy patterns you wish to have.

As anyone reading this blog can probably guess, the pattern that I found I had was a pattern of being sick. I had a soul-level pattern of being sick as a form of protection, which once it was realized, I had to accept and let go. To do this, I tapped with Jenny with the intention of releasing the need for illness, in particular Lyme disease. Tapping can be a very emotional process, because it releases a lot of things, and this was the most intense tapping session that I have ever had. It lasted for about a half an hour, and here is the YouTube link to the session on Jenny’s channel so that you can watch it if you would like to.

The aftermath of the session was both physical and emotional. I felt different almost immediately. For the first time in years I thought “I am healthy” and I believed it. For the next week and a half, I had what was essentially a really bad herx. My body was clearing itself of the Lyme and co’s. As another EFT practitioner put it, my body was making itself into a place that is no longer safe for the Lyme to stay, because it no longer has any need for it there. I repeated the tapping by myself a few times to cement it, until I no longer felt like it was true to talk about being sick at all and I stopped.

At the end of this week and a half, I had a magnet therapy appointment. My practitioner uses muscle testing to ask the body what it needs treatment for. She is a very intuitive person, and as soon as I walked into her office, she looked at me and said “What happened? You look like an entirely different person!”. As someone who doesn’t see me everyday, she had a unique opportunity to see the changes in me from this EFT session. She told me that I literally looked different. When I first started seeing her, I looked lifeless, like I was so tired and exhausted that there was no life in my eyes, no energy, no health. When I saw her after the workshop, that was all gone, and the energy that I radiated, according to her, was completely different. She then used muscle testing to figure out what we needed to do that day with the magnets, and came up with absolutely nothing except for an immune boosting treatment. I skipped nine to ten sessions, nearly another year of treatment, as a result of the work from the Quantum EFT. This was the day that I got proof that I was healthy, and it was the best day of my life.

Now for anyone who is skeptical, let me first say I understand. Until this happened to me, I was skeptical of anyone who said they spontaneously recovered from any kind of illness. It goes against medical common sense. How is that even possible? Take it from me: it is possible. Obviously, everyone’s situation is different, so I am in no way guaranteeing that if you start doing this kind of work, you’ll immediately experience what I did. It took me two years of using EFT, plus a very intense summer and then workshop where I increased the amount of EFT I was doing, to achieve this result. But it’s real. I’m 100% healthy. I don’t have a single Lyme symptom AT ALL. I’ve been posting about this on my Instagram page (@defeatinglymedisease) if you want to read more about how healthy I now find myself. I feel like a different person. I have energy, I can do everything that I want to do, and I don’t have to take what felt like a thousand pills a day, although I still take supplements to support my body as it continues to rebuild itself post-Lyme.

One of the major things that Jenny talks about during her workshop is how everyone has soul-level patterns, and that every lifetime we have the chance to learn our lesson and break these patterns. These patterns exist because on a soul-level, we chose them to teach us something. Unfortunately, most people don’t tap into themselves deeply enough to work through these patterns. This kind of work is also really difficult, and it can be easier to not work to get rid of the patterns at all. For me, this workshop was the way that I finally worked through my pattern of being sick. It was the hardest weekend I have ever had, and several times I considered not doing it. This is because it seemed like it would be easier to not have to address my issues. I could have easily not taken my chance to learn my lesson and break the pattern, and I’m so glad that I didn’t take the easy way out. This isn’t a typical story of recovery from Lyme disease in many ways, but it’s even less typical because I am cured. I am not in remission. There is no Lyme or co-infections left in my body. And I’m so excited to see what I can do now.

I really hope that anyone struggling with Lyme disease will consider working with an EFT practitioner. Here are the links to Jenny’s websites. She is hoping to make her workshop available online, as well as she has many other ways that you can start your journey.
You Tube –

I also worked with two other EFT practitioners during my recovery period. The first person I ever worked with was my mother. She found out that she also had Lyme disease a few months after I got diagnosed, and we worked through a lot of stuff together. Even after she got healthy, she continued to work with me, using her experience as a baseline to work through my issues. If it wasn’t for her, I would never have gotten to where I am today. She would love to continue to working with Lyme patients-all EFT work can be done remotely-and her information can be found below.

Kelley Amrein: (go to the EFT link)

The other EFT practitioner I worked with is a colleague of my mother’s, Rebecca Stevens. Her website is linked below, and she is also a great resource and someone who helped me immensely.

Rebecca Stevens:

I hope if you’ve made it this far in this post that you’ll think about checking out EFT for Lyme disease-or for any other health or other issue you might have. It’s truly life changing.






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